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A world riddled with the unnatural. A place home to divination, amongst other atrocities as necromancy. Four clans have taken hold of this world. Undivided by anything but arcane abilities, they compete for anything of value. Be it with respect to the other clans or wealth. War is coming…

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Project Details

Warsome Wizards is setting the standard for HBAR NFTs by introducing never-before-seen utilities to the platform that truly benefit consumers. Our team is leaving no stone unturned, broadening our project’s use case to many facets. Such as Immersive DAO utility, reward-based wizard RPG adventure, exclusive alpha chat, and much more!

Total Wizards

4200 Warsome Wizards have invaded the Hedera NFT space, but not all will survive!

The ongoing war creates a highly deflationary supply; driving demand for our wizards.

Stay tuned and watch as our supply drops!

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Each wizard is automatically assigned to a clan: Architect, Elemental, Divine or Necromancer. Compete against opposing clans to raise your clan’s floor using our unique DAO utility!

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Wizards per clan

Each clan will has a total of 1050 members each with their own set of unique attributes.

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Price / HBAR

Whitelist mint price was set at 450 HBAR and public Mint was 550 HBAR

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500+ Unique Wizard Traits

500+ pieces of art are divided into 9 trait groups, each containing their own clan based sub groups.

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Architects are the humblest of clans. Vowing never to forfeit their bodies to the magical and assumed “corrupt” essence of the central city. The Architects originally didn’t want to participate at all with the energy, but with the fear of being overpowered by the other clans they were left no choice, only indulging through tools and objects they vowed. Enchanting, and concocting magical tools to aid them in their civil and war efforts.
Necromancers are a severed member of the now, bilateral coven known as the Soul Weavers There is no act low enough to deter the hunger of the proclaimed Necromancers. With the help of their familiar companions, they see no opposition worthy of halting the conjuration of their long-envisioned Necropolis.
Elementals are considered to be the magic purists of the four clans. Using worldy energies rather than indulging into the dark and unknown. This is the oldest type of magic known by wizards, in turn, making it the most powerful due to the amount of arcane research alone. Rich in minerals and resources the elementals remain the wealthiest of the four clans, with extensive trade routes throughout the land.

Infamous for their pronounced prudeness, the Divine are a severed member of the now, bilateral Coven known as the Soul Weavers.

As beautiful as they appear, many would say the saint-like appearance of the Divine is only a veil, concealing their devilishly underhanded practices.

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