We are pushing a new quest that will launch at Saturday, June 11, 2022 12:00 PM CT A google form will be posted at that time within the Warsome Wizard Discord:  This quest will allow you to burn wizards and receive a new randomly generated wizard with a newly made Ascendant background. This will be the highest ranking wizard background that will ever be produced as well as be the last wizards that will enter our token id! We will only be allowing 40 Ascendants per clan but this number will be reduced by 10 each week. These new Wizards will provide a bonus to staking rewards that is higher than the sum of wizards you burn.

Wizards MUST be from the same Clan and have the same Background to be burned :architectemoji: :divineemoji: :elementalemoji: :necromanceremoji:

2 masters = Ascendant
3 Experts = Ascendant
3 Adepts = Ascendant
4 Apprentices = Ascendant
4 Novices = Ascendant
Duplicates are worth 2 wizards eg. (1 Master duplicate = 2 Master Wizards)

2 separate Ascendant Backgrounds per clan will be distributed during this quest!  (8 total)


- Remove a massive amount of Wizards from circulation making us even more deflationary (lower supply).

- Driving secondary market sales, driving up volume and the floor price

- Rewarding early community holders

- these new wizards will NOT be included in the rarity tool 

This quest will conclude exactly 1 month from today! Thank you DAO voters for helping us to make this the most balanced quest possible!