What and Where is the DAO
  • The “DAO” or “Decentralized Autonomous Organization” is a fancy way of describing our Clans.
  • Each Clan is a DAO: Necromancer DAO, Elemental DAO, Architect DAO, Divine DAO.
  • Each Wizard NFT is automatically put into a DAO based on it’s traits. This can be identified in many ways including it’s clothes, background, prop etc.
  • Upon launch of the DAO’s we will be allocating 7% of our total mint revenue to the DAO’s based on each of their NFT’s “Floor Price” (cheapest price)
  • The Clan with the highest floor price will be given the most funding and the second-highest a bit less etc.
  • You can communicate with your DAO in the provided DAO channels found in the Warsome Wizards Discord
  • In these channels, members will elect a single DAO member to run polls
  • The polls should be used to decide how your DAO will be spending their DAO funds.
  • There are many methods to do this but the money should be used to promote the secondary market of your clans wizards
  • “Sweeping the floor” (Buying all the cheapest nft’s of your clan) is a common practice to raise the value of your DAO’s NFTs. BUT many methods are used!
  • (more info on whitepaper!)
How to Mint (Primary Market)
How to get HBAR tokens:
How to mint a wizard:
How to sell your NFT:
How to Buy after mint:
How to mint on mobile:
How to trade your NFT:
What and where is the Alpha Chat

The Warsome Wizards Alpha Chat is an exclusive club located in the Warsome Wizards Discord server, where NFT experts will be providing their insight on the NFT space. Highlighting promising projects and giving exclusive “Alpha” (valuable information) to our NFT holders. (more info on whitepaper!)

How do I know which Clan my NFT is in?
  • A variety of features will define which clan your NFT is in but there are a few key indicators!
  • Clothes – Every Wizard’s clothes are a direct reflection of their clan and the most prominent indicator of it. Every piece should have a pin that represents the clan, or a feature that reflects the same image as the pin.
  • Background – Each clan has colors that represent them, if the background of your wizard NFT is a solid color, then simply match it to the clan!
    *Turquoise, Bronze, dark green for Architect.
    *Orange, Light Blue, Light Green for Elemental.
    *Dark Blue Gold, white for Divine.
    *Dark/deep Red, Dark/deep Purple, black for Necromancer.
    If it is not a solid color then you are a very lucky holder that may have a rare NFT! It should be fairly obvious which clan your wizard is in based on the context of the graphic background.
  • Other – From props to hats, every aspect of the wizards can have clan related gear! So keep your eye out for any other distinguishing features!

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