Character Traits

CLOTHES – The most prominent aspect of each Wizard’s clan is represented by their clothes, as no article of clothing is shared amongst the clans. Every clan has a unique set of apparel for its members, including everything from the robes of its students to the Armor of their soldiers!

HATS – Everything from the pointiest of wizard headwear to the shiniest of crowns, we have you covered!

RACE – Many races control the magic of this land, from the hardiest of old lumberjacks to the most agile of youthful sea dwellers. Clan conflict has forced the people to put aside their differences and unite as one, leaving each clan with a diverse collection of individuals!

MAGIC ITEMS – Every wizard owns some sort of a magical tool, whether it be the product of their internal magical essence or an enchanted sword. There are many magical and non-magical items shared between clans, owning these items is a commonality amongst wizards. The stronger, more advanced wizards tend to hold on to items that are unique to their clan, as these items are at the forefront of magical innovation created from centuries of research

HAIR – An old mop? Maybe a perfect flowing golden waterfall? How about a head infested with venomous snakes or a head sucking leech? I’m just throwing ideas out here but they are all most likely in our huge collection!

FAMILIARS – A (what the necromancers would consider) luxury that only the Necromancer clan endures. Familiars were once feral beasts that rose from beyond, tamed over many years by the only clan that could see their true beauty. Of course, the other clans cannot agree!

FACIAL FEATURES – Every wizard has had their own unique experiences, leading them to acquire various markings, accessories, and features throughout their lives. This trait allows wizards to bare various tattoos and scars, grow the twistiest beards, or simply correct their blasted bad eyesight.

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