Our Team

ShredGuyProject Artist

Fantasy & Sci Fi Artist/Illustrator
of 8+ years, successfully published
tabletop RPG supplement books.
Musician and BA(Hons) in Animation

“I jumped at the opportunity to join the team, not only did I appreciate the artistic vision of the project; I also appreciated the vast amount of utility incorporated into it! Giving our NFT holders a potential whitelist opportunity on other projects is an amazing way for us to support other artists in the community. As for our team, we click well and we are all like-minded individuals. Art-wise I’m influenced by the likes of Dungeons & Dragons, Elder Scrolls and cosmic horror like H.P. Lovecraft”

MadsunProject Branding / Coordinator

Full Time Crypto Fundamental/Technical Trader

“Joining this team was a no brainer. This project is the first look into an NFT space where the community feels immersed in a unique world of their own making. I’ve also been obsessed with the wizarding world since I first laid eyes on J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter series.”

NoatyProject Lead

3+ Years In Community Management, Full Time Crypto Fundamental/Technical Trader

“My goal is to promote the Hedera NFT ecosystem and educate people on the power of HBAR through my YouTube, Discord and Social media following. I’ve always been a huge fan of Wizards and to give our community power with the DAO, there is no mountain our Wizards can’t fly over”

BCTradesHead of Business

Advisor Business Development and Marketing 4+ Years, Business Advisory and Strategic Marketing, HBAR Lover, NFT Expert (HBAR, SOL, ETH)

“I joined this team to create an NFT Project that gives Hedera NFT Consumers the value they deserve which is illustrated by our Wizard Project Utility. I enjoy fantasy-themed movies such as Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. I also love weight lifting, and going out with friends to try new local restaurants”

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